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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

Simon Communities launch Locked Out of the Market campaign

Monday 15th May 2017: The Simon Communities have today launched their campaign, Locked Out of the Market, which highlights the pressures on the private rented sector.

Ireland’s rental market is not working. People who rent have very little tenancy security and can face increases in rent that they cannot meet. Many people who are becoming homeless are coming from the rental market. They have lost their home and cannot find another they can afford.

The Simon Communities are doing something about this – but we need your help. Join our campaign for a better, fairer rental system by sharing your experiences of the rental market using #simonlockedout and sharing our video.

Nearly 7,500 people remain trapped in emergency accommodation; they are locked out of the rental market because the prices are spiraling and supply is too low. If we do not move quickly, more and more people will be locked out of the market.

We can fix this. The Simon Communities have three common sense solutions:
1. Give people full rent certainty by linking rents to the Consumer Price Index.
2. Provide people with greater security of tenure – knowing that they can stay in the home that they are renting.
3. Unlock access to the private rented market by closing the gap between Rent Supplement/Housing Assistance Payments and market rents (especially in Rent Pressure Zones).

The Simon Communities need your support. Standing together we can make a difference. Please join our campaign by sharing this video now using #simonlockedout.