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Who is affected by homelessness

Homelessness affects thousands of people in Ireland every year and the reality is that it can happen to anyone. Often when people talk about homelessness they are talking about people who they see sleeping on the streets (rough sleepers). In fact there are many more people in our community who are less visible but are also homeless.

People become homeless for a variety of different reasons. For many, homelessness is the result of a brief crisis in their lives. With the right supports they can be assisted out of homelessness quickly, rapidly accessing alternative housing.

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About homelessness and the causes

Generally the experiences that lead to homelessness are underpinned by poverty and structural inequality. Causes tend to be divided into the following:

These can include poverty, unemployment, and lack of good quality, affordable housing. More people are now at risk of becoming homeless as a result of the financial crisis which has impacted on the most vulnerable in society and has made more and more people vulnerable.

People who have lived in foster care and young people leaving care are at high risk of becoming homeless. Also people leaving prison or mental health institutions with nowhere to go to on their release/discharge can end up homeless.

This can include an abusive relationship or family breakdown. One or more people may need to leave the home and may have nowhere to go. Death in a family can also be a cause of homelessness as an individual may not be able to afford accommodation on one income.

This can include mental illness, learning difficulties, problematic alcohol or/and drug use. If a person has one or more of these problems, they may find it difficult to manage the home they are in or it may lead to other problems such as losing a job, inability to pay mortgage/rent or relationship breakdown. Generally it is a combination of these factors that result in a person becoming homeless.

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