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Become a Galway Simon Room Sponsor

The safety of a locked door, the warmth of a bed, the restoring humanity of a simple cup of tea, a place to start again.

By signing up to give a monthly donation and becoming a Room Sponsor today, just think of what you’ll be giving each and every month. You could help ensure that those facing homelessness in the West have a room – not just a place to sleep, but a place to be warm, to feel safe and valued rather than alone and vulnerable.

You could help fund the various tailored support services we offer once someone is staying with us. These include counseling, wrap-around well-being supports, medical help, and much more.


Sign up to give a monthly donation and make a lasting impact

  • €11 could sponsor a room at Galway Simon, providing someone with warmth, security, and the vital, tailored support they need to get their life onto a better path.
  • €22 could sponsor two rooms – while also allowing you to give again for free by claiming tax back on your donation.
  • €33 could sponsor three rooms– transforming many people’s lives by helping them on their journey home.
Galway Simon Room Sponsor

Change Lives Every Month

Read stories from our clients to learn about how having their own place to call home changed their lives.

Galway Simon Room Sponsor

Read Sandra's Story

Sandra came to Galway Simon for support a number of years ago. Thanks to people like you, she moved into her own room at one of our high support housing services.

Will you become a Room Sponsor and change lives every month?


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