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Stories from those we support

Our stories come from real people who have been faced with the trauma of homelessness. At Galway Simon, the client is always at the heart of what we do. Every client and situation is different, but one thing always remains the same – we always believe in people and accept them as they are.

For those that Galway Simon Community supports, our aim is to help people to leave homelessness behind them for good. Read their inspirational stories below.

Watch Dennis's Story
Dennis’ Story

Dennis’ Story

“A lovely fella called Noel, who’s been working with me since the 80s, handed me a key and said ‘This is the key to your apartment. It’s your home now, as long as you want it.’ That was a big step for me and I can hardly begin to describe how good it felt.”

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Louise’s Story

Louise’s Story

"When I arrived at Galway Simon I was nervous they would judge me but they never did. Everyone was nice.Every child should wake up in their own home on Christmas Day." Every child should wake up in their own home on Christmas Day. Louise wants something very special for Christmas

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