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Published on: Simon Stories

Conor’s Story

At Galway Simon Community, we provide a safe place to stay for Conor (name changed), who lives in one of our supported houses, and many others in supported houses located throughout Galway City.

Conor came to us after a recent hospital stay and he had been homeless for years. He found it hard to talk about the future and he was scared to even imagine a better life for himself.

“I’ve had a lot of mental health problems in the past – anxiety and things like that. The doctor put me on prescription medication to help me, but I got addicted to them because they blocked out the anxiety. And that led to other, harder drugs.”

Conor has made some big changes in his life in the time he has been with Simon. He no longer takes drugs and has given up alcohol and smoking too. He exercises at least four times a week and has become a much healthier person, both in body and mind.

He describes the change in himself best:

“I’ve got an addictive personality, but for the first time in my life, I’ve learnt here how to use it to work for me. I’ve taken up training and I go to the gym at least four times a week. Being active and healthy really helps with my anxiety. I feel optimistic about my future and I have some goals for myself – to stay clean, to get a job and to have a place of my own, a home.”

He has worked extremely hard and with the support of Galway Simon staff and volunteers he has made remarkable changes in his life. Having a safe place to stay and a support network around him has made a big difference.

Conor is ready and eager to move on to independent living, to a home of his own. The current housing crisis has meant that finding a suitable home for him is a very difficult task. However, our staff and volunteers will continue this search so that Conor can finally have a place to call home.

“I’m thankful for anyone who supports Galway Simon. You help people like me get on a good road.”

If you’d like to support others like Conor, you can make a donation here.