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Simon Stories

Eoin’s Story

…while I’m grateful for so much, sometimes, what stands out the most are the little things. Being able to tuck my children into bed at night. Learning how to do my daughters’ hair.” – Eoin

Sean’s Story

Sean shares his story on how Galway Simon Community helped him reunite with his daughter and obtain a passport so that he can travel to meet his grandchildren.

Aisling's story -woman at risk of homelessness reading rent fees

Aisling’s Story

Aisling shares her story on how Galway Simon helped her family avoid homelessness and find an affordable home.

Megan & Emily’s Story

Hear how Galway Simon helped Megan and her daughter find a secure home after years of receiving one “Notice to Quit” after another.

Pauric's Story

Pauric’s Story

Hear from Pauric on how when his life came close to collapsing, how Galway Simon brought him back from homelessness. “That’s the thing about Simon – they never give up on you”.

Aoife, young woman

Aoife’s Story

“I shouldn’t have had to rely on services like Galway Simon, but if I didn’t have Galway Simon, I don’t know where I’d be right now”.

Evelyn's Story. Galway Simon

Evelyn’s Story

“I’d worked all my life and raised a family – suddenly, in my late 50s. I found myself on the brink of homelessness.”

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Mike’s Story

“I’m so grateful to Galway Simon Community. They believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. They saved my life.”