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Sandra’s Story

When I came to live at the Galway Simon house, there was so much support that I got – It’s that ongoing support that saved me, really” Sandra*.

The difference you could make as a Galway Simon Room Sponsor. 

Sandra came to Galway Simon for support a number of years ago. Her situation was really heart-breaking, but sadly nowadays it’s a fairly common one.

Thankfully, we were able to offer Sandra her own room at one of our high support housing services – the kind of room you could help provide as a Room Sponsor.

Read Sandra’s story in her own words…

“I first became homeless after I was evicted from the place I was living in. Our rent got so high that we couldn’t afford to stay there anymore, so I was forced to move out. I tried staying with a friend or two but nothing worked out in the long term, and I ended up sleeping rough.

I was having to sleep on a concrete floor in a sleeping bag, in a garage space round the back of a hotel. It was September and getting cold. All very grim, as you can imagine.

Fortunately, I secured a place in emergency accommodation, and after that, I moved into a Galway Simon house. That’s when things really began to turn around for me.

Living at Galway Simon was such a change. Everyone was so nice, and I had a key worker who helped me map out the things I wanted to do, to make sure I was done with homelessness for good.

There was so much support that I got – help with regular counseling, advice on how to handle my finances, and assistance with furthering my education. I went back to school and got a distinction in graphic design. I got stuck into every activity going – gardening, creative writing, and crocheting.

Now I’m living on my own. I love my place – I call it my ‘home for life.’ And Galway Simon is still a big part of my life. It’s that ongoing support that has saved me, really.”

By becoming a Galway Simon Room Sponsor, this is the difference you could make to so many more people.

Every single month, you’d be transforming the life of someone like Sandra.

*To protect identities, the names used have been changed, however, Sandra’s story is very much real.