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Dip a Day Challenge Facebook Fundraising Tips

Thank you for stepping up in support of those facing homelessness in the West by taking part in Galway Simon Community’s first ever Dip a Day in May Challenge!

We want to help make your Facebook Fundraiser a huge success so here’s some simple but effective tips to follow:

STEP ONE: Change the end date of your fundraiser

Facebook Fundraisers are automatically set to end after 2 weeks unless you change it! We recommend setting it to June 6th to give you extra few days to finish the challenge and fundraise.

STEP TWO:  Make it personal

First of all be sure to update the fundraising page title with your name – for example ‘Sarah’s Dip a Day in May Challenge for Galway Simon Community’. Then be sure to update the description of your page to tell everyone about the challenge, why you’re raising funds for Galway Simon, and how they can show their support!

STEP THREE: Post updates

The more you post the more your friends and family will see your progress so be sure to share plenty of photos and updates. Be sure to thank everyone that shows their support too!

STEP FOUR: Spread the word

Look through your recent Facebook Messenger interactions and send a generic message to everyone you talk with regularly. Something generic that sounds personal works great. Click the ‘share’ button to see the many different ways to share your fundraiser. And if you have an Instagram account, why not add your fundraising page URL to your bio and ask your Insta friends to show their support. If your Instagram is linked to your Facebook, there should be a ‘fundraiser’ sticker available on your Instagram stories.