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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

Simon Communities launch ‘No One Left Behind’ Campaign

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The Simon Communities in Ireland have launched a campaign demanding the Government build more social and affordable housing so that no one is left behind. Too many people are being impacted and traumatised by experiences of homelessness and that all elements of Ireland’s housing sector show signs of being broken.

The Simon Communities also launched their Pre Budget Submission 2018 laying out what the Government must do immediately to stem the tide of people becoming homeless and experiencing housing instability.

The housing and homelessness crisis means we are in danger of creating lost generations – second and third generations of people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity who are being left behind.

People remain trapped in emergency accommodation, hidden homeless and experiencing housing insecurity. People’s health and well-being are affected the longer they stay in emergency accommodation and insecure housing. Many are locked out of the private rental market because prices are too high and supply is too low while there are at least 90,000 people on the social housing waiting list. There is a constant flow into homelessness; so while some people are leaving emergency accommodation others are quickly taking their place.

Housing must not be viewed as a commodity. Everyone is entitled to an affordable, safe and secure home, and income should not be a barrier to this. People cannot wait any longer – far too many people are being left behind. We need urgent action now.Sign PetitionThe Simon Communities believe there are changes needed to urgently address the homeless and housing crisis.
• We must prioritise options that will deliver housing quickly for example rapid builds and empty homes to make real progress on this crisis putting an end to housing instability, long term homeless and rough sleeping.
• The focus must also be on preventing more people from becoming homeless and supporting those trapped in emergency accommodation to move into homes of their own quickly. We need immediate action on three fronts – preventing homelessness and keeping people in their homes; access to social and affordable housing; and support in housing so people can leave homelessness behind for good.
• The solutions to this crisis include urgent measures preventing people from losing their homes and providing access to decent, affordable housing. We know many people who are becoming homeless are renting.
• Rent Supplement/HAP limits must be monitored to ensure that they are increased and kept in line with market rent.
• We repeat our call for full rent certainty with rents index liked to the Consumer Price Index. People must have security of tenure and a home that they can call their own.