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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

Introducing Dennis Connolly

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Closing the Door on HomelessnessWith 2019 being the year of Galway Simon’s 40th anniversary, it’s only right to introduce you to one of the very first people that we supported, and still do today. Meet Dennis Connolly, a local Galway man who wants to share his story.Since we first met Dennis forty years ago during our soup run, we have stood by him and we have never given up. With the help of his key-workers, over the next 40 years, Dennis worked hard to develop the skills he needed to get his life back. He moved into his new home, his “paradise”, on 11th August, 2015.

He found his place.
He found himself again.
He’s been there ever since

With the support of our local community, we have been able to help Dennis, and others like him to close the door on homelessness, for good!Read Dennis’s Story#dennisclosingthedoor