With the current housing shortage in Galway, our housing services are in demand more now than ever. We have over 90 places in our housing services which consists of supported houses, shared accommodation units and individual apartments. Our housing services include:

Supported Housing

Our Supported Housing services support people who have multiple needs, have a history of regular contact with homeless services or require support to live independently. This service is made up of 4 houses which cater to single men and women. Issues of addiction, and mental and physical health are dealt with by our staff and specialist services. Each house is staffed 24 hours a day and together, they provide a home for up to 23 men and women at any one time.

Independent Living

We have several apartments and houses which give people the opportunity to live independently within the community. They are provided to people who do not require support to live on their own; however, staff support is available to them if needed. These properties are located throughout Galway City and County, and provide a home to 15 people at any one time.

Community Housing & Resettlement

Within our Community Housing and Resettlement services, we have several houses and small apartments located throughout Galway, giving people the opportunity to work towards living independently in the future. The service provides shared housing with access to staff support on a regular basis. At any one time, this service provides a home for up to 38 people.

Emergency Service

Due to the increasing number of people requiring emergency beds in Galway, we are operating an emergency service which provides accommodation to 13 men experiencing homelessness. While staying at this service, the men are also supported in their search to secure longer-term accommodation.


Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homelessness? Get in touch with our services to get support or advice about your situation.