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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

4th Sleep Out, 40 Years, 400 Donations…

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Gill Carroll Supporter Spotlight

‘I share many things with Galway Simon. A deep love for my community. A belief that everyone should be able to live his or her life with dignity. A passion for change.….
I also share my birthday.’ 

It is no secret that successful entrepreneur Gill Carroll is an inspiring advocate for those facing homelessness in her community. Not only has she raised tens of thousands of euro for Galway Simon, she has inspired incredible change through a ‘Positive Workplace Programme’ she runs through her thriving restaurant, 56 Central.

It all started in 2016 when Galway Simon saw a 70% increase in demand for services. Gill’s dad, local businessperson Joe Carroll, spotted an ad in the local Advertiser calling on the community to participate in Simon’s first-ever Sleep Out fundraiser on Shop St. Without a second thought, Gill stepped up alongside her dad. They signed up and the rest is history. Three years later, she continues to lead the flagship sleep out in Shop St. Gill Carroll Supporter Spotlight

Thanks in no small part to Gill’s incredible commitment; Galway Simon’s Sleep Out has raised a total of €141,049.73 since 2016.

This year Gill celebrates her 40th birthday while Galway Simon also marks 40 years of preventing homelessness here in our community. Remarking on this shared milestone, Gill has said, ’I was born in 1979, born ‘lucky’ to great circumstances. Life has been kind to me. I have been ‘lucky’ to have been surrounded by great people. Not everyone is so ‘lucky’ in life. That’s why this year I’m asking my friends and family to make a donation of €40 to Galway Simon in lieu of any gifts.’’

She continues ‘’I do not want to do Sleep Out for Simon for another 40 years. In 40 years we have not solved the crisis and things are getting worse – it’s up to us to show some more compassion.’’

Please help Gill on her relentless quest to pay it forward and inspire positive change in our community by donating €40.Donate Now