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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

Dip a Day Participant Feature: RenVue Seagulls

Galway Simon’s Dip a Day in May Challenge is taking place throughout the month of May, with over 170 people taking part across the West of Ireland and beyond. We spoke with a group taking part, RenVue Seagulls, and asked them to share their experience of sea swimming and taking part in #DipaDay.

You’re taking part in our Dip a Day Challenge as a group; how many members are in the group and what is your group called?

We call ourselves RenVue Seagulls as the majority of us are from Renmore or Mervue and we do have a few women from Claddagh and Headford dippers also. We got the name Seagulls as one of the swimmers’ sons said we sounded like a bunch of seagulls when we enter the water, especially in winter, as we were all shrieking in high pitched tones. There are approximately 15 members in the group.

How did you first meet as a group and how long have you been swimming together?

We were completing a charity run in October 2020 and we were talking to an active swimmer who enticed us to start dipping and it started from there.

How regularly do you meet and what are your favourite places to swim?

When possible we meet at Ladies Beach, Blackrock for people who can dip at lunch time and Deadmans or Ballyloughane beach for evening swims. We have a WhatsApp group to communicate.

How long do you stay in the water for roughly?

Anything from 10 – 20 minutes depending on the waves, temperature and fun!

What do you enjoy the most about swimming as a group?

The fun, friends and the feel good factor! 🙂

What inspired you to get involved in the #DipaDay Challenge?

The Galway Simon #DipaDay is a great cause as we are all from or living in Galway and would like to help where and when we can. As a group, we love going for a dip, so it was a great fit!

Where are you taking your #DipaDay?

Ladies Beach, Blackrock, Deadmans Beach, Ballyloughane, maybe beaches in Connemara at weekends.

What would be your top three tips for our #DipaDay participants who are new to sea swimming?

  • Breathe slowly when first entering the water, you will acclimatise.
  • Swimming Gloves and socks are a game changer during the colder Winter months.
  • Swim in the rain 🙂
RenVue Seaguls
RenVue Seaguls
Dip a Day Group Participant
About Dip a Day

This May, over 170 people – sea swimmers, fitness enthusiasts and everyone in between – are taking part in our brand new ‘Dip a Day in May’ Facebook challenge in support of those facing homelessness in the West. Galway Simon are encouraging participants to enjoy a dip each day in May at their nearest beach, river or pier.

Check out our Dip a Day in May event page for more information.