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Published on: Galway Simon Community News

Dip a Day in May 2022: Dry Robe Review

Finding Ireland’s Most Loved Dry Robes

We rank Ireland’s most beloved dry robes on price, quality, style, locally-made credentials, family-friendliness, comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

Galway Simon are on a mission to find the best dry robe out there. We’ve recruited dippers from all around the country and even abroad to help us find the coziest, toastiest, snuggliest, most stylish dry robes out there for men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes. Don’t have time to read the full article? No problem! I’ve created a handy comparison table below so you can find your your perfect dry-robe at a glance.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right in to the review!

Saltrobe (Cost: 140. Est. 2021, Cork)

I absolutely adore the Saltrobe my family gifted me recently. I feel snug as a bug in a rug when I wear it. The waterproof shell and hood keeps the wind and the rain away when I’m changing, and there’s even a secret pocket for a hot water bottle! There’s an inner pocket to store your keys and phone and two outer pockets for keeping those handies warm on the trudge back to the car. Saltrobe have an incredible range of 13 colours to choose from, so your dry robe will definitely stand out from the rest, no chance of someone ‘accidentally’ picking it up and claiming it as theirs.

I try to keep sustainability in mind when I’m clothes shopping, and like to buy organic, recycled or vintage where possible, so it’s definitely a bonus that Saltrobe’s robes are made with recycled consumer plastics. Normally, you’d expect something from recycled materials to cost twice the price, but Saltrobe’s robes actually seem to come in on par, kudos to them! They also have dry-robes to suit all bodies, big and small, so the whole family can stay toasty and warm. Here’s their website.

Nug (Cost 145. Galway)

Nug is a wonderful local company here in the West that produces high quality dry robes. Nug was founded by a busy mother of five who was tired of holding towels up for her little ones in the freezing cold while simultaneously trying to change herself. Unable to sprout extra arms, she created Nug instead! Nug coats are lined with wonderfully soft Sherpa material and have a waterproof and windproof outer shell and hood. There’s a hot water bottle pocket on the inside, as well as an inner pocket for your valuables. You get two extra pockets on the outside and the main coat zip is a two-way zip to allow for easy changing (really handy if you need to get changed in a hurry).

They stock a lower-cost velour poncho that ranges in price from just €35 to €55 depending on size, which is fantastic if you have a lot of little ones to dry. The inner is lined with terry toweling and the garment has a hood for easy hair drying. The company Dryrobe stock similar ponchos retailing at €60, but the sizes are limited to Medium and Large for adults, so if you’re petite like me (5ft 2”) you might want to drop down to a children’s size. These larger dry robes are good however if you have a wetsuit to change out of, as you have additional room for movement that you don’t have with the coat-style dry robe. Nug’s ponchos have a key ingredient that the Dryrobe brand is missing… pockets! Although, they are made from organic cotton, so they get bonus points for that.

The only hang-up I have with Nug is that the colours are a bit understated for my taste.

Cosimac Robe (Cost 156 – 169. Est. 2019, Ireland)

Cosimac was founded by a pair of Irish friends in 2019 on a cold December morning by the sea, wishing they were bundled up in a cosy duvet. The big draw for some to the Cosimac brand is their signature leopard print dry robe. They describe their dry robes as ‘wearable duvets’ for their plushness. Despite the soft interior, these robes have a tough outer shell to shield you from the elements, including a durable hood, and are designed to be that bit longer to make sure every inch of you is covered. Like the Nug robe, they have a two-way zip for easy changing, and a hot water bottle pocket. The Cosimac robes have outer pockets with zips too, and an inner pocket for valuables. Their robes come in small, medium, large, and extra-large for adults, and there’s a kids size too. Be warned however, their site stocks a plethora of tempting accessories, such as buoys-cum-drybags and waterproof bags for your wet gear so that it doesn’t get the car soggy. You might end up spending a bit more than you originally planned!

Bearhug (Cost 120 – 150. Ireland)

Rumour has it that these are the snuggliest dry robes money can buy. I love that they come in a wide variety of colours and they have robes for children too. I’ve been advised however that if you’re 6 foot, you’ll want to go for the large size, as the medium will only reach your knees. The robes have all you’d expect from a high-quality garment; wind and water proof outer shell with hood, Velcro ties on the sleeves to keep the heat in, and of course, plenty of pockets. The only caveat is that this product is not suitable for vegans, as the inner lining is made from lamb’s wool. This might be a bonus for some however if you want to avoid synthetic fibres. You can find their products on their website here.

Hut (Cost 115 – 127. United Kingdom)

Founded by a husband and wife team in the UK this company stocks adult dry robes at the lower end of the price scale, however, I have been advised that their robes hold the water and become quite heavy, so they may not be ideal for rainy day swims. Again, they come with everything you’d expect a high-quality dry robe to have; Velcro straps on the sleeves, a snuggly hood, and generous pockets. They also stock adult poncho-style toweling robes starting at about €42, coming in a bit cheaper than Nug and Dryrobe. You can find their products here.

Red (Cost 132 – 186. Est. 2008, United Kingdom)

These pros have been making gear since as far back as 2008! They are damn serious about their equipment, and it’s no wonder, their CEO and Co-Founder John Hibbard was a former UK Champion windsurfer, so they know their stuff. While their staple products are inflatable paddle-boards, they also stock high quality dry robes that’re loved and worn by water enthusiasts across the globe. I’ve been blown away by the breadth of their range of robes, from short sleeved parka variants to quick-change microfibre toweling robes and the good old fashioned long-sleeved dry robe. I love their dedication to their craft, and so do their customers. According to the proud owners of Red dry robes, their robes are toasty but lightweight, fit easily into a tow float, is apparently fantastic at keeping the water out in heavy rain, unlike the Dryrobe and Hut brands, and the hood has enough space to wear a beanie underneath for extra warmth in the Winter but not too much space that it flaps in the wind. The only drawback I’ve heard is that they’re not so hot on the sustainability front, however, the company is taking steps to improve, which you can find more about here.

Charlie McLeod (Cost 78 – 156. United Kingdom)

Charlie McLeod’s dry robes are priced very competitively, and if you’re a sustainability conscious consumer, then either this brand or Saltrobe might be for you. Charlie McLeod’s ‘Eco’ range of products are a bit pricier but have the feel-good factor of being made from recycled plastic bottles. Like Red, they offer quite the array of styles to suit all needs, I have been told by a Charlie McLeod dry robe owner however that the short-sleeved variant does let the wind in. Despite that, the owner says that the length is perfect, it’s nice and light but still warm, the hood is cosy and the pockets are convenient. You can check out their products here.


Affordability: If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable and are willing to compromise a little on the comfort front, then Charlie McLeod and Hut are the dry robe brands for you.

Sustainability: If you’re doing your best to be an eco-conscious consumer, then Saltrobe or Charlier McLeod will suit you best.

Quality: If money is no obstacle and you want best in class then Red, Bearhug and Cosimac is where you should look.

Irish: For those passionate about supporting local Irish-owned businesses then you’re in luck because you have Saltrobe, Nug, Bearhug, and Cosimac to choose from.

Style: If you’re like me and want to stand out from the crowd then be sure to check out the range of colours and styles available from Saltrobe, Cosimac, Bearhug, Hut, Charlie McLeod, and Red. As I mentioned earlier, Cosimac have a signature leopard print dry robe, while Charlie McLeod stock camouflage prints. Hut robes have a signature racing stripe across the hood, and the array of colour and style combinations at Saltrobe, Bearhug and Red are dizzying!

Family: The brands that stock robes for all the family are Nug, Cosimac, Bearhug, Red, Saltrobe and Charlie McLeod.

Comfort: Who am I kidding, all of them are comfortable!

Convenience: If you have no time to waste want a quick change then the spaciousness and two-way zips on the Nug and Cosimac robes will suit you.

The prize for best all-rounder goes to Cosimac, but everyone will have their own criteria for the best dry robe to suit their needs. For me, it’s hands down the Saltrobe for their eco-conscious mindset, their stylish colours, and the fact that they’re a small locally owned business. I hope this article has helped you find your perfect match.

Dry Robe Review
Dry Robe Review
Mary-Liz McGrath